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Even Coinbase account closed to block crypto income

Showing the extent of the domain investor who has criminally defamed since 2010, to run a government SLAVERY, RESUME ROBBERY racket
After delaying/blocking payment, now even Coinbase account closed
This message was received on 26 June 2023, Indian standard time
An Important Message Regarding Your Coinbase Account

This is regarding your account linked to .
We are reaching out to inform you that we will be discontinuing all services to your above-mentioned account, as we will be disabling access for the accounts that no longer meet our updated standards for these services.
Please note that you will be able to access or the Coinbase app until 25th September 2023 and should withdraw any funds held in your account by such date.
Your funds remain secure with us, and you are able to send funds to other crypto wallets or services (subject to standard network and transaction fees), including Coinbase Wallet.
Coinbase Wallet is our self-custody wallet, giving you complete control of your crypto. Coinbase Wallet supports hundreds of thousands of tokens and decentralized apps, so you can trade crypto, collect NFTs, and much more.
Thank you for your understanding.
The Coinbase Team

After lot of effort, the domain investor managed to transfer the small amount to a vendor, to avoid losing the money. This exposes the extent of the harassment the domain investor faces, someone very powerful is desperate to prove that she has no online income at all.