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Kucoin offers USDT for 1 rupee/1 ruble/100 nigerian naira for limited time.

After the increased restrictions for US Kucoin users, it appears that Kucoin is now focussing on increasing its user base from other countries like India, Malaysia, Russia and Nigeria.
For limited time period till August 5, 2023, new users can get 1 USDT at a low price of 1 INR (Indian Rupee) / 1 MYR (Malaysia Ringit) / 1 RUB (Ruble) / 100 NGN (Nigerian Naira).
At present the market rate for 1 USD for the currencies are
1 USD = 82.74 INR
1 USD = 93.50 Ruble
1 USD = 4.56 Malaysian Ringitt
1 USD = 750 Nigeria Naira
Hence this offer is extremely attractive to new traders.
This offer is available for new P2P users and is restricted to one purchase for each user.
There are a limited USDT available in a day
Other terms and conditions are applicable
To purchase 1 USDT at a low price of 1 INR / 1 MYR / 1 RUB / 100 NGN , users can register at the Kucoin USDT promotion page

Mailer republished below:

Dear KuCoin Users,
We invite all new users to experience KuCoin P2P and enjoy trading with our exclusive offer.

Get 1 USDT at a low price of 1 INR / 1 MYR / 1 RUB / 100 NGN Don’t miss out!

1.Our partner merchants on KuCoin P2P will sell 1 USDT for 1 INR / 1 MYR / 1 RUB / 100 NGN.
2.Users need to provide a screenshot of their successful registration on the event page to the partner merchant to take advantage of this offer by purchasing USDT at a super low price. Click here to register.
3.This offer is exclusively for new P2P users and is limited to one purchase per user.
4.There will be limited USDT per day, so do not miss it!

1. How to Buy Crypto on P2P: App and Web

2. Where to find the P2P market:

Log into KuCoin – Choose “Buy Crypto” – Choose “P2P” – Choose your market – Place an order to buy USDT.


1. Users need to register on KuCoin in order to participate in this event. Click here to register.

2. A “New P2P User” refers to a user who has never traded on KuCoin P2P before.

3. KuCoin reserves the right to disqualify users who engage in wash trading, bulk account registration, self-trading or market manipulation.

4. KuCoin reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms and conditions of the campaign. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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