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cybercriminal logs into faucetpay account at 11.42 am using idea connection

cybercriminal logs into faucetpay account at 11.42 am using idea connection
Indicating the high levels of cybercrime in india, even the faucet pay account with a dollar or less is closely monitored by a powerful cybercriminal
The domain investor has not authorized anyone to login to any of her online account.
Yet she is getting notifications regularly that someone has logged into her faucetpay account
The cybercriminal is using a Idea connection from Pune
This is the reason the domain investor is trying to move all her crypto to binance which has better security features when the balance is $1 or more.

After a large number of complaints, greedy gujju stock trader raw employee amita patel now switching to forex trading

It appears that the stock trading strategies of greedy gujju stock trader amita patel are not very effective and a very large number of people are complaining online on mouthshut, quora, google reviews about the massive losses which they have made. Some have also threatened to take legal action against her for the losses which they suffer.
Since domain investor is very expensive and risky, it now appears that greedy gujju stock trader raw employee amita patel is now switching to forex trading. Her latest social media posts are focussing on forex trading. Due to the domain ownership fraud of greedy gujju stock trader raw employee amita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees, the domain investor was forced to write articles on forex and other topics.
It appears that most forex traders are making huge losses, so it would interesting to find out how many people, greedy gujju stock trader raw employee amita patel gets for forex trading

Binance pay becomes the preferred option for online payment instead of paypal

Though the cheater raw employees haryana human monster ruchita kinge,optum human resources manager, bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree, wife of fraud tata power employee guruprasad, provided content only for 4-5 months in 2011-2012, indicating the extremely high levels of corruption in raw/indian internet sector, these cheaters falsely got credit for all the content, written in the last 15 years,and are getting a monthly government salary only for falsely claiming to write this and other content while the indian government, raw/cbi refuse to acknowledge the english writing skills of the real writer, a single woman engineer, the time she spends writing in one of the most shocking cases of government SLAVERY
Due to the endless frauds of the indian tech and internet companies fraud raw/cbi employees like gurugram cheater ruchita kinge, bengaluru fraud nayanshree, siddhi mandrekar, panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan who never did any writing work are getting credit,great powers and monthly government salaries while the real writers are criminally defamed, humiliated and all their their writing orders are robbed. So advertising is the only way the writers, domain investors can make a small amount of money
Earlier paypal was the main or preferred payment method for ad networks, it appears that there is a change in the payment method. The domain investor registered for a new ad network to try to increase her revenues. She found that Binance Pay is now the preferred payment option, though paypal is also provided. Income tax department data also confirms that business owners have very low revenues, and their revenues are reducing, yet the greedy shameless cheater liar tech and internet companies continue to hysterically make fake black money allegations to justify their resume robbery

Decline in crypto prices due Spacex bitcoin sale

Crypto users and investors have noticed that there is a major decline in crypto prices in the last week, with a decline of 10-20% noticed for most of the major cryptocurrencies
The cryptocurrency prices will usually fall when major holders will sell their holding
According to some online reports, Elon Musk’s SpaceX which had substantial crypto holdings has sold millions of dollars of Bitcoin.
This has resulted in a major decline in Bitcoin prices in all major exchanges.

Kindly note that bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife raw employee nayanshree, wife of fraud tata power employee guruprasad is not associated with the website like other raw/cbi employees , though raw, indian government are making fake claims in a case of government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD since 2012.

With crypto prices crashing, many online workers are converting their income into crypto

In the last week, there has been a massive decline in the crypto market, with prices of Bitcoin, BTC falling by more than 10%.
Litecoin, LTC is worst affected by the crash,with prices declining by more than 20%.
Though this may affect large holders, those who have very less crypto can use this opportunity to withdraw the money in their account.
Most crypto websites are linking the payment with the US dollar value,only when making payment they are converting into crypto.
For example dogepool has a minimum payout of $0.01
When Doge prices were $0.075 or higher, only a fraction of doge was paid out
Now that the DOGE price is $0.063 or lower,they will get more doge when they withdraw their balance.

Russian ruble crashes against the us dollar

Due to the MI6 fraud on some domain investors in india rewarding the greedy gujju stock trader raw employee amita patel for her endless frauds , they are not getting any paid writing work at all, so they are forced to do russian and crypto work. On Monday,
the ruble crashed against the US dollar, with one USD equal to more than 100 rubles for a short time. However strict measures were implemented and the ruble recovered rapidly.

Some indians using Binance P2P for selling crypto are finding their bank account frozen

Though the domain investor is being criticized for not using online payment, the fact is that it appears that a large number of people and companies are finding that their bank account is getting frozen after they receive payment.
It appears that if a cybercriminal is using the money to make payment, all the linked bank accounts in india are getting frozen
The police are often demanding a large amount to defreeze the bank account.
For online payments,it is very easy to trace the person who has received the money which the cybercriminal robbed
Specifically indians who use Binance P2P are complaining that their account is frozen, since the buyer is sometimes involved in cheating cases.

Though Payeer has become very popular, no direct transfer method to indian bank account available

Tech,internet companies are openly involved in a massive financial fraud, government SLAVERY, resume robbery for bribing top indian government employees, getting government jobs for their call girl, housewife and other fraud relatives, friends faking computer work, domain investment
Since the banking fraudster raw/cbi employees are getting monthly salaries only for faking paypal, bank account, domain investment, they have no experience in receiving or making online payment, though raw/cbi falsely claim that they are online experts.
In the last decade, Payeer has become very popular worldwide, yet because the government falsely claims that its banking fraudster employees like panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan with no online income are online experts, it is not possible to directly transfer the money to an indian bank account.

After government imposed 30% tax, trading volumes on indian crypto exchanges decline rapidly

The indian tech and internet companies have ensured that their stooges with fake resumes, fake experience are holding all the important positions in the internet sector. So many of the decisions these frauds with fake experience take are without any proper understanding of how crypto works and why it is used.
One of the decision which these government employees took was imposing a 30% tax on all crypto transactions
Trading is always risky, there is no guarantee of making a profit
After the government implemented the 30% tax, the trading volumes on the indian crypto exchanges like Bitbns, Coindcx, WazirX and Zebpay have declined to a great extent, since people do not want to take the risk and then also pay 30% tax.
Their revenues have also declined, yet they are not falsely accused of money laundering, only the domain investor is hounded for 13 years wasting crores of taxpayer money.

Kindly note that panaji goan bhandari raw employee CALL GIRL sunaina chodan, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, sindhi scammer naina premchandani, other raw/cbi employees are not associated with the website since they do not pay any expenses, do not do any computer work, though the top indian tech and internet companies running a job for sex racket are making fake claims

To force the domain investor to agree to resume robbery, smaller websites with paypal payment asked to close her account

Tech,internet companies are extremely ruthless in causing great financial losses to the domain investor for exposing their massive financial fraud, government SLAVERY, resume robbery for bribing top indian government employees.
Now to force the domain investor to agree to resume robbery, all websites with paypal payment asked to close her account with profit-pie, mylot, ysense being some of the websites
So the domain investor is forced to consider websites which offer alternate payment methods like payeer, crypto